ToDo List

If you know how to do one of these, or want to be part of the JUG project, have any other feature request, noticed a bug, or have any other comments/suggestions, send mail to me.

For any questions concerning the JUG application, also contact me.

For any questions concerning the source code, contact me as well.
JUG is written in pure C, with currently 4 '.c' and 4 '.h' files doing the actual work, and 17 '.c', 1 '.rc' and 18 '.h' files doing the User Interface. (You can see the source code at SourceForge - but unfortunately I wrote the main class loading part rather badly. It reads the file from disk into a memory block and then sets a structure pointer to it. That's the best way to write unportable code. Right now it compiles with mingw, and even with MSVC.)

Elias Pschernig